We are excited to announce two new facials for Spring 2021 at Vitality:

#1 Lunchbreak Facial - A quickie 'Exfoliate, activate and illuminate'

Suitable for all skin types, this 30 minute facial aims to boost the tone and texture of your skin, leaving it smoother and more luminous.  Eminences' innovative three step  Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System, is designed to awaken the skin's inner beauty with an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract.  Products may be substituted with an Eminence alternative, following an assessment of your skin type by our esthetician.

Step 1: Exfoliate  – Enzyme Exfoliant is applied to the cleansed face You may feel a tingly or warm feeling during the application. Step 2: Activate – layered on is the Arctic Berry Advanced Peel Activator MA10. Again, you may feel a tingly or warm feeling during application.  This is left on your skin for up to 5 minutes to let it work it's magic. The product is then gently removed with a warm, damp towel.  Step 3: Illuminate Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream is then applied in a thin layer to the face, neck and décolleté and massaged lightly into the skin until absorbed.

An introductory price of $50 + tax

#2 Light & Bright Jetpeel Facial

Infuse your skin with Jetpeel, feed your skin with greens!  A new, one hour anti-aging facial treatment, combining the benefits of a full face Jetpeel treatment, with a refreshing Eminence facial using a host Eminence vitamin enriched favourites.

An initial cleanse using the Stone crop cleansing oil, is followed by a vitamin rich Citrus cleanser, a unique blend of vitamins A, Ester-C and E, Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Stone crop mist is then used to increase the hydration of your skin, ensuring your skin get s the most from  a full face Jetpeel treatment utilising the Jetpeel 'whitening complex' designed to combat hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots, working to inhibit colour pigments in the skin. 

Following the Jetpeel treatment, we'll use the Bright Skin & Citrus Kale masque, giving a boost of nourishing vitamins for the skin. To leave you feeling polished and hydrated, we apply the Citrus & Kale serum, a hydrating gel and a fine application of Iron rich Wild Plum Eye cream.  Never before has feeding with greens been so much fun!  

An introductory price of $150 + tax  (or usual full face Jetpeel treatment alone is priced at $300)

Add: a 15 minute Jetpeel lip treatment - Exfoliate, apply masque, Jetpeel lips, followed by a balm to lock in hydration!  $30 + tax

Financing Your Treatment with Medicard

Medicard makes it easy for you to finance your Medi- Spa or Esthetic treatments at Vitality, Kitimat.

  • EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Choose your own terms. From 6 months to 6 years!
  • COMPETITIVE INTEREST RATES: Rates are based on your credit history and score. Rates start at 7.95%.
  • NO MINIMUMS: Finance as much or as little as you need. You can finance a portion or the complete procedure cost.
  • OPEN LOANS: You can pay your loan early without any penalties.
  • MEDICARD IS OPEN 7 DAYS/WEEK: For immediate assistance call Medicard at +1 (888)689-9862
  • Apply online here:

MUST DO TRIO' Facial Laser Treatment by Shari

New in 2021 and a subtle revision of our Luxury Trio, the 'Must Do Trio' is the perfect way to boost your skin tone and texture, and it is an excellent laser treatment recommended at monthly or bi-monthly intervals. The Must Do Trio is a firm favourite of the girls at Vitality!

The 'Must Do Trio' is a one hour treatment, designed to combine the benefits of Accent laser, IPL laser and Microdermabrasion techniques. Using the latest products from our Eminence Organics Skincare range, Shari gently washes and tones your skin, performing the three treatments in succession, and then applies serum and moisturizer to leave your skin feeling firm, refreshed and boosted!

All three treatments work to boost collagen production, tighten pores, reduce the appearance of imperfections such as hyper- pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, acne scars and much more. The final treatment, microdermabrasion, is a non-invasive, skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates or polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells. Put some zing back into your skin!

In December 2020 Vitality signed up to be part of Buy Local BC

Learn more here:

Support Local BC provides a place for communities and businesses throughout the province to support each other. It connects all regions and is a platform where you can show your love for your favourite local businesses by purchasing gift cards for future use. You can choose businesses in your own community or you can purchase gift cards from other communities to give a family member or friend. Gift certificates are available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations 

Vitality's Gemstone Facial, January 2021 - now offered permanently!

  • Fall in to luminous skin. Prepare to be pampered by Vitality's New Eminence Gemstone Facial. Polishing and deeply hydrating your skin, for a balanced, energized and glowing complexion.
  • A 1 hour facial experience using the new Eminence gemstone products (more info below) including a gentle arm massage using Eminences' Apricot Massage Oil, paraffin wrap treatment on your hands, while heating pads are applied to your feet.
  • A special offer, this one hour treatment will be priced at $ 105 + taxes
  • Gift certificates available, book with Morgan at Vitality

The Eminence Organics Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser has been formulated with charcoal, malachite gemstones and blue matcha to create this purifying cleanser. This cleanser transforms from a gel to a soft exfoliating lather to gently wash away the build-up of dirt, help balance oil production and reduce the appearance of pores. Another key ingredient to this gel cleanser is peppermint, which leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. The Eminence Organics Turmeric Energizing Treatment has been formulated with turmeric, citrine gemstones and zeolite to create this exciting powder-to-mousse treatment. This product is essentially a 3-in-1 flash facial – a stimulant, an exfoliant and a masque, all in one luxurious product. The element of spicy paprika will instantly warm the skin, opening up your pores and boosting circulation to reveal a silky, luminous and energized complexion.  Citrine gemstones are the stone of light and happiness, turning negative energy into positive. The Eminence Organics Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil has been blended with luxurious botanical oils such as camellia, hemp seed and marula to create this uplifting facial oil. Applied to the skin using a cooled jade facial roller this blend has been formulated to replenish the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to aid in collagen production and cell turnover, leaving your skin feeling well-nourished, supple and revealing its healthiest glow. The elements of the tourmaline gemstone will provide you with a sense of peace and serenity. 

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